SFE Mission and History

Burrillville Pubic School Mission: The Mission of the Burrillville Public School System is to provide high quality education to all students in a secure, nurturing environment in which all are challenged to reach full potential as life-long learners, responsible citizens and contributing members of society, recognizing its role as the education center of our unique and evolving community.

Steere Farm Elementary, in partnership with the community, will provide students with the skills and knowledge for the 21st century, and the desire to continue to learn throughout life to be continuing members of society.

Our Guiding Beliefs direct the activities that lead to the accomplishment of an organization’s mission and vision. They present the fundamental values and guiding principles of the school in attaining its desired future. The Steere Farm Elementary School’s Guiding Beliefs are:

All students can learn.

All students have the right to be taught by highly effective teachers to achieve high standards.

All students need the support of other students, families, community members, and school staff to achieve high expectations and develop a love of learning.

All students must continue to learn in order to compete in the global world.

Each student and staff member is a valued member of the school community that honors the following code of conduct: be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.

Each student and staff member, though diverse in ability and interest, maintains high expectations of themselves and others.

Burrillville History: Burrillville is a beautiful, rural community located in the northwest corner of Rhode Island. With abundant open space, woodlands, pristine lakes and glorious scenery, Burrillville residents enjoy a wonderful quality of life as well as a rich proud history dating back to America's Industrial Revolution.

Burrillville was incorporated in 1806 and is a rural town located in the northwest corner of Rhode Island, bordered by Massachusetts and by Connecticut. Burrillville is approximately twenty miles from Providence, Rhode Island; 45 miles from Boston, Massachusetts; and 190 miles from New York City. The town has a land area of 57.3 square miles, and a population of approximately 15,955 people based on the 2010 census.

The Town of Burrillville was originally annexed from the town of Glocester and is named for James Burrill Jr., who while serving as State Attorney General, assisted in establishing the town.

Burrillville grew quickly, its economy driven by a textile industry until the 1950's when the textile industry in the Northeast began to move south. It was the mills that led to the development of the Town's numerous villages. For more information on Burrillville’s fascinating history, visit the Town Historian's web page, the Burrillville Historical and Preservation Society the Burrillville History page on Ancestry.com or visit the Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library located at 100 Tinkham Lane, Harrisville, RI.

Village Centers are located throughout Burrillville. These villages were created around the original mill complexes and most residents still identify their neighborhood by the original mill village name. So, if you hear our residents refer to themselves as hailing from Harrisville, Pascoag, Oakland, Mapleville, Glendale, Mohegan, Wallum Lake, Bridgeton or Nasonville, its our tradition, but we are all still residents of Burrillville.

Steere Farm Elementary School is located on Steere Farm Road and overlooks the Crystal Lake Golf Course.

Adapted from Town of Burrillville, Rhode Island website: https://www.burrillville.org/about-us