Principal's Page

As we look to begin another school year, I am always reminded as to what an exciting time this is for our school community! This year, things are a bit different as we are faced with having to navigate in and around this pandemic that seems to have turned us all a bit upside down. Typically during the summer days, teachers are busy preparing lessons and sprucing up classrooms. This year, while this planning is still occurring, it is occurring differently. Yes, lessons are being prepared, but they are also being prepared for distance learning as well as in class. Our teachers have been working together all summer and many have been working on planning committees for our return on August 31st. As you know, our district administrators have been spending their summer days working together to create a vision and plan for all of the challenges of the new school year to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy while maintaining a focus on curriculum, instruction and assessment, attendance. I know that this summer has been very different for our students as well. Their play-dates look different, birthday parties look different, going to the beach or out for an ice-cream looks different, and for some kiddos, it's a really tough change. All of us at Steere Farm are working and planning to ensure that all students, whether they are in school or taking part in Distance Learning, are supported with their concerns and worries as we work through this pandemic. As always, it is our job to see that our students receive the very best education, and we will do that again this year, even though it may be presented a little differently. My Weekly Updates will begin again soon, and I encourage everyone to read them thoroughly each week. I welcome parents to contact me at any time at 568-1350 or I look forward to working with our students and families again this year! In these tough times it's important to reach out to support and help one another - we support our families and students, and we sure appreciate your support as well. As we return to school things may feel a little rocky or a little confusing at first, though I'm confident that we will all fall into a routine relatively quickly. As I've said before, it takes a village, and what a wonderful village we have! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and please tell your kiddos hello for me! Be safe and be well.

Dr. Lyons