Principal's Page

As we look to begin another school year, I am always reminded as to what an exciting time this is for our school community! Over the summer days, teachers are preparing lessons and sprucing up classrooms. Our custodians spend their summers beautifying our school, cleaning every nook and cranny so that everything shines like new on the first day. Our district administrators spend their summer days working together to create a vision and plan for the new year with regards to curriculum, instruction, assessment, attendance, and safety, just to name a few. Our students are spending their summer days just as they should - outside playing, at the beach, visiting friends and relatives, eating ice-cream, school shopping, and hopefully remembering to read 15 minutes each day! As the principal of Steere Farm Elementary School, it is my responsibility to ensure that our students receive the very best education. We strive to carry on the great work our parents have started in motivating and exciting our students to learn about the world around them, to learn how to work with others, and to learn how to keep working at something even when it's really hard. Our school is very welcoming and engaging, and we love having parent volunteers to help out in the school and in the classrooms. I have an open door policy and I welcome parents to contact me at any time at 568-1350 or I look forward to working with our students and families again this year! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Janet Lyons, Ph.D.